prime algorithm
prime algorithm


How the NSA Hacked the Net

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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In 1995 Dr. Sol Adoni released The ENNISA Formula. It revealed Prime Algorithms for 30Mod, 60Mod and 90Mod prime algorithms.

The 30Mod Prime Algorithm is known as the 8 Prime Spirals, it is the biggest breakthrough in math in over 2,000 years. The Adoni Prime Spirals is the fastest Prime Algorithm to produce Prime Numbers and has been tested against all major prime algorithms, and it was the only Prime Algorithm to produce more primes faster than even the Sieve of Eratostenes.

Dr. Adoni warned in 1995, that this new PRIME ALGORITHM destroyed modern encryption. The NSA and FBI confiscated Dr. Adoni’s computers in 1995.

Since then Dr. Adoni has been imprisoned for FIVE YEARS in US Prisons over bogus cases to silence him.

This book has the original Prime Algorithm work released by Dr. Adoni to the world via Usenet in the 1990’s, and it shows you how most information about this algorithm has been ERASED by the NSA.

This book shows you how this Prime Algorithm was used to create ‘cooked’ seed keys for cryptography and is now used by the NSA to back door modern encryption.

This book shows you how the NSA has hacked the Net and verifies many of the Snowden documents released through Wiki Leaks.

This book shows you how the NSA created many projects using cooked crypto including BITCOIN.


Prime Algorithm
Dr. Sol Adoni
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