San Bernardino Terrorism Conspiracy



San Bernardino Terrorism Conspiracy

By D. E. Alexander and Dr. Sol Adoni

San Bernardino Terrorism Conspiracy
San Bernardino Terrorism Conspiracy

Well known Investigative Journalist and Conspiracy Author D.E. Alexander and esteemed author Dr. Sol Adoni team up to ask the question, was the San Bernardino Terrorism Shootings a massive CONSPIRACY?

D.E. Alexander is the Chief Editor of 247 News and the author of CONSPIRACY as well as over a dozen books.
Dr. Sol Adoni has authored over 100 books and is author of The 33rd Degree . The website of Dr. Adoni is .

The Net is filled with Conspiracy Theories already about this tragedy in San Bernardino and how it is being handled by the FBI.
The expert eyes of both Alexander and Dr. Adoni examining how the ‘official version’ of the San Bernardino Terrorism Shootings and what they have found will fuel the flames of Conspiracy Theorists around the world that are asking is the media and government now creating a version of this event that is hiding THE TRUTH.

Articles by both Alexander and Dr. Adoni are featured in this book about the San Bernardino Terrorism Shootings as well as the work of Alexander from his top selling book on Conspiracies that is aptly titled CONSPIRACY.

If you are a fan of Conspiracy Theories you will enjoy this look at the events of the San Bernardino Terrorism Shootings and agree that something is being hidden by both the FBI and the media in this tragic event that took 14 lives on December 2nd 2015 in the greater Los Angeles in San Bernardino.