School Shootings



School Shootings
School Shootings

School Shootings

By D.E. Alexander
Award winning journalist D.E. Alexander, takes a look at the rash of school shootings that appear to be random events.

Well they they turn out to be not so random.

Did you know that all US School Shootings are investigated by the US Secret Service. The reason is the locations of many of the shootings were put into a famous US court case where a religious leader sued the US Secret Service in Philadelphia way back in 1995 before the shootings began

The religious leader put the locations of the future shootings in his case to prove HE HAS DIVINE AUTHORITY. He also says mankind will be DESTROYED if they don’t listen to him and get rid of all nukes!

Are these School Shootings PROOF higher intelligence is manipulating children to force mankind to get rid of nuclear technology?


There’s more to the SCHOOL SHOOTINGS than you realize, until you read this book. Then it all makes sense, these shootings are not random events.

While many say some of the main school shootings are false flag or red flag events, the fact that most if not all of them have struck the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD proves to most SOMETHING IS BEHIND HE SHOOTINGS…

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