The Amazing Prophecies of Sollog



Amazing Prophecies of Sollog
Amazing Prophecies of Sollog

The Amazing Prophecies of Sollog

By D.E. Alexander

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In 1999 D.E. Alexander was the first Author to release a Book on the Amazing Prophecies of Sollog.

It was updated in 2001 before 911 struck.

Later D.E. Alexander wrote THE 911 WARNING about the famous Sollog 911 Warning.

In 2015 Sollog gave permission to have this work re-released in ePub format so his fans could read D.E. Alexanders early work on his Prophecies.

This is an important work about the Prophecies of Sollog since it reveals many concepts now important in understanding the Prophecies of Sollog such as the LINES OF SOLLOG.

Since 911 Sollog has not allowed any Authors to use his Prophecies in their Books. Sollog has released a few books about his Prophecies in which he has added to his earlier work about his Prophecies to include Prophecies he has written after each Book was released.

Sollog has released his complete Prophecies in Prophecies of Sollog which is on our site.

Purchase this eBook and get the latest complete edition of the Prophecies of Sollog (2015 Edition) for Free.

BONUSFree Download of Prophecies of Sollog 2015 $49.99 Value


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