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UFOS Proof
UFOS Proof


By Sollog

2016 Edition

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Seeing is believing. This work on the long history of UFOS is considered by many to be the definitive work on the topic of UFOS.

Written by acclaimed paranormal author Sollog who has over 30 titles to his credit, this book will MAKE YOU BELIEVE.

Sollog explains the long history of UFOS and their contact with mankind.

Sollog explains the various types of crafts and what many sightings MEAN, since historic tragedies often follow major sighting.

YOU WILL BELIEVE IN UFOS once you read this work.

UFOS The Proof
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3 reviews for UFOS THE PROOF

  1. Biblios (verified owner)

    I BELIEVE!!!!!

  2. Player (verified owner)

    Greatest UFO Book every written for many reasons.

    All the Ancient Alien guys STOLE THEIR INFO from this book since it was written over 15 years ago.


    500 STARS

  3. Dr Princeton (verified owner)

    When you realize this great book was written over 15 years ago, you realize where all the new crop of Ufologists got their ideas from. The historic images of UFOS appearing all over the world in history since cave rock painting was used 30,000 years ago proves UFOS and Greys have been here for 30,000 plus years. The first images of UFO pilots are even in this book taken from digital enhancements that Sollog was the first to use on famous images of plasma crafts taken almost 40 years ago. The idea that UFOS appear in areas about to be struck by major loss of life events was first given by Sollog in this book. A must read for any fan of UFOS.

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