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Theory E Einstein and Newton are Wrong

Holocentric Extinction  – Extinction Nigh


Our Top Selling eBooks

1 Love is the Answer

2 Mandela Effects

3 Messiah Erased

4 Holographic Universes

5 Prophecies Sollog


Our #1 Selling eBook

Love is the Answer


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We Feature eBooks by:


SollogAuthor Prophecies of Sollog

Dr. Sol Adoni Author of Theory E

D.E. AlexanderAward Winning Author

Eros AdonisAuthor How to Pick Up

NikkeeAuthor New Hope Coven Series

Bella Amor Author of Moonlight Lover and co-author The Super 7 Series

I Nympho Author Banned by Amazon


eBook Series including:

Atlantias – Chronicles of the Atlantians

Amazing Adventures of Sollog

Thee End

Super 7 Boys

Super 7 Girls

New Hope Coven

Moonlight Lover

i Time Travel Series – Banned on Amazon


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