Bible of Domain Names
Bible of Domain Names


By Dr. Sol Adoni

Founder of ONE DOMAINS

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Bible of Domain Names – was written by a Domain Name insider, who is Dr. Sol Adoni.

As the founder of, his company has amassed thousands of keyword domain names and is one of the largest internet content developers for professionals and local businesses.

Dr. Sol Adoni explains how he became a DOMAIN LORD and he offers a step by step guide for anyone to follow in his path. He explains how to purchase Domain Names for as little as .99 cents and how to find great keywords to still register.

Dr. Sol Adoni also puts forth investment strategies for people looking to invest hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars into about the only asset that isn’t depreciating, KEYWORD DOMAIN NAMES.

An entertaining short read with advice from a proven DOMAIN LORD.


247 News“Sol Adoni is probably the first major player in the Domain Name Industry to actually explain his investment philosophy. If you want to learn how to take a ten buck investment to MILLIONS, this is the book.”Top 100 eBooks “Sol Adoni explains how his companies acquired thousands of keyword domain names over almost 20 years. He says you can still register great keyword domain names, if you understand the game.”


1 eBooks “This is literally THE BIBLE OF DOMAIN NAMES. Sol Adoni is a large developer of keyword Domain Names for millionaire professionals. Now he explains how to do it.”

1 Book Review“Sol Adoni takes you from the beginning of the commercial internet to today in this compact book that overflows with precise knowledge. As Sol Adoni says, READ IT and DO IT.”

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