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The Friendly Foreclosure strategy brings homeowners and property investors together BEFORE a foreclosure auction. Instead of an ugly eviction and costly renovation – this innovative solution can provide spectacular returns to real estate investors AND keep the former homeowners in their homes when all other options have failed. Some years ago, after conventional defense methods failed to save a client’s home, Rick Rogers crafted the Friendly Foreclosure strategy. Since then he has been using that strategy to attract investors to help financially qualified homeowners keep their homes. His new book publicizes the spectacular success the strategy can bring to homeowners and investors, in an otherwise ugly process. With real-life examples, detailed financial analysis, and step-by-step recommendations, Rick shows homeowners and investors how to utilize the strategy for their mutual maximum benefit.

About the Author
After completing a bachelor’s degree in business and psychology at Elmhurst College, Rick became a licensed Real Estate Broker. He then went on to get his MBA at Drake University and his law degree at Loyola University. He has spent nearly his entire career in corporate, industrial, and residential real estate and has completed thousands of transactions locally, across the nation, and around the world.
As a boy growing up in a large family with modest means in the Chicago area, Rick spent most of his childhood living in rental homes. During his teenage years, the family was finally able to buy a home with an FHA mortgage. Unfortunately, that home was lost to foreclosure long before Rick became an attorney.
After the real estate crash in 2008, Rick opened his own law firm specifically to aid families struggling to keep their home during the foreclosure crisis. Over the last ten years, The Rogers Law Group has helped more than 2,000 people save their homes through foreclosure defense, mediation, loan modification, bankruptcy, and the Friendly Foreclosure strategy. Helping distressed homeowners has been Rick's crusade.
The hope in writing this book is that revealing his Friendly Foreclosure Strategy will help thousands more deserving homeowners across the country save their treasured homes, with or without his help, after all other efforts have failed. The Rogers Law Group continues to serve distressed homeowners today, while Rick privately invests in Friendly Foreclosures, helping nice families save their homes.

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