Free Book 03/14/2018: In the Wonderland of All Sorts by Galia Koplis

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Imagine meeting a Topsy-Turvy Person… They are not like us, Upright People, and that would mean our whole world would need to change. Why? Topsy-Turvy People and Upright People cannot go through the same doors, walk on the same paths, or eat from the same plates. They do not even understand one another… What a mess our world would be!

What is needed is a miracle solution to fix their world without getting confused all the time. Although miracle solutions do not grow on trees, the solution to this seemingly unsolvable problem comes from a miraculous source no-one expected…

About the Author
Galia Koplis is a multidisciplinary human being. She was born into a religious family and became an atheist at the age of 21. She spent a long time studying general studies, spiritualism, philosophy, science, and communications (journalism). In effect, she studied all the spiritual and alternative subjects and subjects dealing with self-help and beliefs. For her, the most interesting thing was the experience of insight when a new world was revealed to her.
She holds a bachelor’s degree in Education and Psychology from Bar-Ilan University.
She is also a graduate of the Avni College of Painting and Sculpture.
Later she published children's books.

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