Free Book 05/11/2018: Cryptocurrency FOMO: How to get into Bitcoin by Derek Parnett

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Are you feeling left out of the Bitcoin craze? Do you want to learn about cryptocurrencies, but not have to read a college-level textbook? Look no further!

This book is for the everyday person looking for a clear and simple guide about Bitcoin investing. If you aren’t concerned with every detail of Bitcoin’s technological framework, BUT have an appreciation of Cryptocurrency’s immense potential for adoption and profitability, than this is the book for you!

Topics covered:
•What you need to know about Bitcoin before

•How to buy Bitcoins

•Step by Step guide to setting up and funding
accounts such as Coinbase, Binance and

•Where to Buy Altcoins

•How to Trade Bitcoins for Altcoins

•Ways to Store and Secure Bitcoins and

•How to set up Coin Wallets

This is not an in-depth explanation of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, or the Blockchain. This is a clear and concise manual that will lead you, step-by-step, over the daunting barriers that have prevented you from investing in Cryptocurrencies. Perhaps even more importantly, I show you how to keep your Bitcoin safe.

About the Author
Derek Parnett began his career as a Mechanical Engineer and later moved on to manage over 10 companies in 3 different countries as an Operations Manager. Now he travels the world while working in multiple different fields with most of his time being dedicated to studying and investing in Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. He has compliled most of his knowledge in this field into an easy to read book specifically aimed at helping new investors educate themselves to easily and safely get into the exciting new field that is Cryptocurrency.

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