Free Book 08/01/2018: The Long, Lost Exit Home by Chris Roberts

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The Long, Lost Exit Home by Chris Roberts is another great addition to the horror sci-fi traditions of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. The reader encounters pulse pounding unspeakable horror in this terrifying dark fantasy thriller with a twist ending of delicious surprise!
Finding help from a rebellious, street wise juvenile, Laura Masterson—who encounters an obsessive intimate romance from a past high school heartthrob—and her new girl friend, team up in order to escape razor slashing horror, an alien invasion and ferocious creatures. If they survive, they may face a future more horrific than death.

About the Author
Chris Roberts was born in Long Beach, California. He has five patented inventions of different products, one being the Taco Trap that was displayed on supermarket aisles for several years. He wrote and recorded the popular novelty Christmas song, “It’s a Climate Change Christmas at the North Pole,” which is still available on iTunes and Amazon. Currently he devotes most of his creative efforts to writing where he lives, near Prescott, Arizona. At this time he is working on completing another sci-fi horror novel bound to knock your socks off!

Link To Download The Long, Lost Exit Home
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