i Literary Agents Signs Dr. Sol Adoni

In what may one day be viewed as he greatest signing in the history of any Literary Agency, the huge catalog of titles by Dr. Sol Adoni (Over 100 Titles) have been signed for Literary Agent representation by i Literary Agents.

Dr. Adoni is a true genius who has rewritten major laws of mathematics and physics with his work over the decades.

Dr. Adoni writes upon many topics including math, science, physics, astro-physics, religion, history, ancient languages, literature and history as well as law.

Dr. Adoni is the founder of Digital Publishing Giant Adoni Publishing the network with hundreds of websites dedicated to promoting their authors titles.

Several of Dr. Adoni’s titles have already been turned into Indy Films about topics such as Nostradamus and UFOS.

i Literary Agents will be shopping the huge Adoni Catalog around to traditional publishers as well as film and cable production companies.

A new future cable show by Dr. Adoni titled Ancient Mystery will also be shopped to cable and television production companies. A pilot for the new series is in the can and it features Dr. Sol Adoni discussing ancient civlizations and ancient technology that has been incorrectly portrayed as Ancient Alien Technology and Ancient Alien Structures by shows such as Ancient Aliens.