Indie Scouting Report: March 2019

In this month’s roundup of the best-reviewed BookLife titles, we highlight a historical romance, a medical thriller, a historical novel, a guide to monastic spiritual practices, and more.

★ The Monk Within

Beverly Lanzetta

Synopsis: Lanzetta delivers a stimulating and encouraging vision for new monastic movements in this fine book.

PW’s Takeaway: Written in an engaging tone and sprinkled with relatable parables, Lanzetta’s book will be indispensable for readers interested in monastic spiritual practices.

Comparable Title: Yogi Cameron’s The Yogi Code.

Sample Line: “I imagine that for many of you—as it was for me—the call to be a monk, to seek silence and solitude, was in your heart from early childhood.”

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★ Comes the Winter

Samantha St. Claire

Synopsis: Lena and Evan are both grieving when they meet in 1886 Sawtooth City, Idaho, in this pitch-perfect historical.

PW’s Takeaway: Rich descriptions and entertaining… This cozy tale will surely delight historical romance fans.

Comparable Title: Rosanne Bittner’s Capture My Heart

Sample Line: ”The wagon lurched sideways as the sour-faced, bewhiskered driver hit yet another deep rut along the narrow mountain road.”

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★ The Private Life of Jane Maxwell

Jenn Gott

Synopsis: The origin story of comics writer turned superhero Jane Maxwell.

PW’s Takeaway: Fans of superhero stories are sure to be entertained.

Comparable Title: Perry Moore’s Hero

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Not Quite Dead

Dawn Harris Sherling

Synopsis: A first-year intern must investigate the circumstances surrounding her boyfriend’s admission to the ICU.

PW’s Takeaway: Sherling’s attention to detail makes suspension of disbelief easy.

Comparable Title: Robin Cook’s Charlatans

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Kit Sergeant

Synopsis: Sergeant’s enthralling series launch highlights the emotional turmoil of American patriots and British loyalists.

PW’s Takeaway: Sergeant’s riveting narrative will entice history buffs and lay readers alike.

Comparable Title: Mary Calvi’s Dear George, Dear Mary

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A version of this article appeared in the 03/25/2019 issue of Publishers Weekly under the headline: Scouting Report

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