3rd Eye Your Psychic Power by Sollog



3rd Eye Sollog
3rd Eye Sollog

3rd Eye Your Psychic Power

By Sollog

888 Pages of Great Psychic Information

247 NewsSollog is the Greatest Psychic Ever PERIOD!

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247 News – A MUST READ

Over the year’s master psychic and guru Sollog has trained many individuals with his amazing psychic techniques that use meditation and crystals to open up an individuals 3rd Eye and experience things such as Astral Traveling and Astral Energy Healing.

In 3rd Eye, Master Psychic and Psychic Guru Sollog reveals his personal techniques developed over many decades to unleash his Psychic abilities to Astral Travel and perform Astral Healing through his meditation techniques and the use of what he calls Astral Crystals ™.

Author Sollog is one of the most famous living Psychics in the world. For over 20 years Sollog has amazed his fans around the world with his accurate Prophecies about the Future. Sollog is so accurate the media and his fans often call him THE NEW NOSTRADAMUS.

The famous Sollog Prophecies have all been preserved in Usenet with TIME STAMPS so no one can dispute Sollog’s claims that he gave exact details of future events including such tragedies as 911, the Paris Massacres, the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, the Great 2004 Tsunami and the destruction of New Orleans by a hurricane.

Included in this book are the famous Sollog Prophecies that include many news articles about Sollog and his amazing psychic hits about historic future events as well as many of the great scientific theories Sollog has given to mankind from his vast travels into the Astral Plane.