Amazon Scams



Amazon Scams
Amazon Scams

Amazon Scams

By Rabbi Dr. Sol Adoni

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In only 8 years since Amazon unleashed the Kindle the sales of Amazon exploded from under 20 Billion a year to over 110 Billion Dollars in 2015.

Yet Amazon insists it makes almost no money and they refuse to show how much they are paying authors from this huge increase in Amazon sales that can be tied to one thing, KINDLE EBOOK SALES.

Amazon is famous for having BILLIONS in Revenue and yet for over 20 years it has almost always LOST MONEY. In Business 101 you learn the IRS gives you only 7 years to turn a profit or your ‘business’ is a ‘hobby’. Amazon is now a 21 year old ‘hobby’ and not a business. A business has profits and pays taxes. Amazon does almost none of that. So many believe Amazon is a SCAM in how they do their books and pay no taxes usually. If Amazon is using creative account to SCAM THE IRS and hide profits, do you think you can trust Amazon with your digital files as an Indie Author in actually telling you how many copies they sold?

In AMAZON SCAMS the author Dr. Sol Adoni reveals how his over 100 titles on Amazon had a 99% drop in royalties after he publicly criticized Amazons treatment of authors and small publishers. Amazon and Jeff Bezos are now being SUED FOR THEFT OF ROYALTIES by Dr. Adoni and they will not be able to explain to a jury how over 100 Titles all of a sudden had almost no interest in the eBooks. The only fact that points to why the books lost 99% of Royalties is that the huge drop in Royalties coincided with the public criticism of Amazon by Dr. Adoni and the banning by Amazon of some of him books after he criticized Amazon. So it appears that Amazon can make any authors or publishers sales reports say what ever they want. Just like Amazon can have over 100 Billion in Sales and tell the IRS they don’t make money, or what they make is so little it is a joke for a company with over 100 Billion in sales to say they make so little.

Kindle authors are for the most part crying they see almost no sales and royalties yet the raw numbers show since the Kindle debuted Amazon has increased its yearly revenue almost 100 Billion dollars.

Rabbi Dr. Adoni is the author of over 100 Books and Academic Papers and also the founder of a Publishing Company.

This is an explosive book on Amazon and the author puts forth his opinion and his ‘proof’ that in his legal opinion Amazon is a Scam and they are ripping off authors for BILLIONS IN ROYALTIES.

Dr. Adoni is also the Chief Justice of an international civil court and he is suing Amazon for FRAUD and STOLEN ROYALTIES as well as for being a publishing monopoly.

In this book Dr. Adoni shows how his daily Amazon royalties dropped over 99% as soon as he started to publicly criticize Amazon over several things Dr. Adoni views as major problems for all authors and smaller publishers.

The 99% drop that coincided with the public criticism of Dr. Adoni of Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos led Dr. Adoni to investigate the public financial reports of Amazon and he says the sales history of Amazon proves the publishing monopoly is now doing over 75 Billion a year in eBook related sales and not paying authors on most of the royalties.


Since Amazon introduced the Kindle device and started to sell Kindle Titles the fact is Amazon has undergone an explosive growth going from less than 20 Billion USD a year to well over 100 Billion a year after the Kindle eBook Files were introduced.

How much of that 100 Billion is eBook sales?

Amazon does not release sales information other than to say it now does a whopping 100 Billion a year when they only did under 20 Billion a year before Kindle eBooks were invented.

Since Amazon is not an audited company no one knows for sure, but Dr. Adoni presents a strong case that he has indeed been targeted by Amazon for ROYALTIES FRAUD in this new book by Dr. Adoni aptly titled AMAZON SCAMS.

Dr. Adoni also claims that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is a black magic satanist due to how he named the Amazon product number ASIN.

ASIN is A SIN and a clear pointer says Dr. Adoni who is also a Hebrew Rabbi that Jeff Bezos may be a SATANIST.

Dr. Adoni also had his Book on Jesus a 1,000 page historical look at the life of Jesus BANNED by Amazon. We sell it on our site and the title of the book is JESUS God? Satan? Hoax?

This is how a Satanic company operates says Rabbi Dr. Adoni, that any book about Jesus they can ban will be BANNED.