By Dr. Sol Adoni

Author of Over 100 Books including

Prophecies Of SOLLOG


On January 20th 2023

99.9% of Humanity Dies



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In 1995 Dr. Sol Adoni started to amaze the world with the SOLLOG PROPHECIES.

For over 23 years the SOLLOG PROPHECIES have predicted every mass death event on Earth from historic killer quakes and tsunamis to evil acts of terrorism.

Since 1995 Dr. Adoni has been warning the world a major Asteroid Impact will hit Earth shortly after 2022.

A few years ago NASA confirmed an asteroid would hit Earth in February 2023 validating the warning of Dr. Adoni.

NASA then changed it’s opinion saying it was a close miss in February 2023 but 2040 the asteroid was a possible impact.

Now Dr. Adoni has revealed the exact date for the Asteroid that will kill 99.9% of humanity.

It is January 20th 2023.

Dr. Adoni is now steering 6 million humans to Safe Zones in the high mountain regions of only 3 regions on Earth where he says humans will survive and rebuild civilization.

Now you can read the remarkable story of Dr. Sol Adoni dubbed the New Nostradamus and THE PROPHET by the media and his global legion of fans.

Read how the SOLLOG PROPHECIES were revealed to Dr. Adoni.

You can also read the six cases in the US Supreme Court where Dr. Adoni sued the US Government over his false imprisonment for five years and the torture that resulted in numerous trips to ICU’s from beatings by teams of guards sent to kill Dr. Adoni.

This will easily be the GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD.


Listen to Dr. Adoni Discuss this Book


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