Bible of PPC



Bible of PPC
Bible of PPC

Bible of PPC

Pay Per Click Marketing

By Dr. Sol Adoni


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Bible of PPC Pay Per Click and Google Adwords was written by Dr.  Sol Adoni an insider in the PPC Industry.

Dr. Sol Adoni is the founder of 1 LEADS .com, a PPC Management company that specializes in the super expensive PPC keywords for lawyers.

Sol Adoni explains exactly how to make any small or local company #1 in their market on Google for PPC.

He explains how to set up landing pages to track response.

He explains in detail what the Google Adwords algorithm looks for on websites and in ads.

Do you want to be #1 in your market on Google?




TOP 100 eBooks – Dr. Sol Adoni knows technology and internet marketing and PPC. He is a proven expert in PPC running a major PPC firm that manages large law firms PPC budgets. The reason he has this position is he always hits #1 on Google for PPC. He reveals the INSIDE INFO in this brief read that is priceless to any businessperson that wants to master Google PPC.

1 Book Review – Dr. Sol Adoni is the PPC GOD of several major industries, legal, medical, real estate and the auto industry. The reason his clients hire his firm, is he guarantees #1 spot on Google for PPC for his clients. When you have 300 lawfirms buying the same $100.00 terms in major markets, how can one firm always be #1? Read this brief book and find out.
Domain Lords – Dr. Sol Adoni has put his knowledge about the PPC industry into a brief work that is the BIBLE OF PPC. He explains in simple terms how the top PPC GURUS hit #1 for their clients. If you own a business, this information will make you #1 on Google in your market. Something Sol Adoni has done for thousands of clients.


Bible of PPC Pay Per Click Marketing
Bible Of
Dr. Sol Adoni
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