Bitcoin Algorithm



Bitcoin Algorithm
Bitcoin Algorithm

Bitcoin Algorithm

By Dr. Sol Adoni


High Quality PDF ePub File – Works on all Tablets and Readers

Huge Value Jump in BTC Predicted accurately in this Book

Includes includes bonus eBook – CIA Project Bitcoin

The must read book on Bitcoin by AI Think Tank HELIXQ founder Dr. Sol Adoni. This book was released in 2014 and it showed the huge rise in the value of Bitcoin that is connected to one thing. Yes, the value of Bitcoin is tied to one thing that this amazing book reveals.

Dr. Sol Adoni the author of this MUST READ book on Bitcoin, is the person that discovered the Prime Number Algorithm that destroyed modern encryption based upon large prime number theory.

The NSA has been trying to HIDE all info on the Net about the Prime Algorithm and in this work Dr. Adoni exposes that Bitcoin is a US Intelligence Project run by the NSA.

Satoshi Nakomoto the name the NSA used to release the Bitcoin White Paper in 2008 means CENTER OF INTELLIGENCE in Japanese a slap by the NSA to the CIA.

Dr. Adoni exposes the connection of encryption figures such as Neal Koblitz as an NSA spook and his encryption theories that are the heart of Bitcoin.

Dr. Adoni shows the simple growth algorithm of Bitcoin that investors can use to invest in the NSA coin.

He also exposes how Bitcoin has several weaknesses. This book provided the blueprint for the famous STRESS TEST that almost crashed Bitcoin after this book was released.

Before you invest in Bitcoin READ THIS BOOK.

If you are holding Bitcoin READ THIS BOOK.


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