Devils Pentagram



Devils Pentagram

More Deadly than the Devils Triangle

By Sollog

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Devils Pentagram
Devils Pentagram


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In just 3 weeks this year (2017), 3 historic events (Largest quake in 100 years in Mexico and Hurricanes Harvey and Irma) stuck that leveled 8 US Cities and killed hundreds in Mexico City. This is the book that warned the locations struck were ON THE DEVILS PENTAGRAM. Validating the work of the author as the greatest prophet or mystic in history.

Only 1,000 people have died in over 60 years in the Devils Triangle and over 300,000 people have died from quakes, hurricanes, terrorism and mass shootings on the Devils Pentagram in less than 10 years.

The Devils Pentagram is a giant Satanic Pentagram over North America that connects ancient ley lines to the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico.

Some of the famous historic events to strike the Devils Pentagram include:

Largest quake in 100 years in Mexico

Multiple killer quakes in Mexico City

Great Haiti Quake

Great San Francisco Quake

Numerous quakes near Los Angeles

Hurricanes Katrina – Sandy – Harvey – Irma – Wilma – Matthew – Andrew

Terrorism – 911 – Boston Bombings – OK City – San Bernardino

School Shootings – Columbine – Sandy Hook – VA Tech

In 1995 the author of this book started warning about the locations that are now being struck over and over proving the Devils Pentagram is a real paranormal event and validates the authors warning about the coming asteroid strike that kills 99.9% of humanity after the year 2022.

It’s not too late to read this book and move to the SAFE ZONES!

The author of this work was falsely imprisoned by the US Government for FIVE YEARS to try to keep this information from the public.

This book has already been acclaimed as the Occult masterpiece of the famous Occult Author Sollog who has penned over 100 books and academic papers and this book in time will in time will become the most important Occult Book ever written. It may in fact be the most important book ever written since the survivor of the great asteroid strike are those that read it and move to the SOLLOG SAFE ZONES!

Author Sollog reveals US Federal court records PROVING he warned of exact locations of school shootings and terrorism in the USA in the mid 1990s when he sued the US Secret Service over a false arrest when he first started putting his famous prophecies on the new Internet.

Hailed as a modern Nostradamus by the alternative media and his legend of fans, Sollog has proven he KNOWS THE FUTURE.

The massive loss of life deaths from the quakes and hurricanes as well as the rash of school shootings and acts of terrorism that form the Devils Pentagram were all warned of by Sollog in court US court records from the middle 1990’s and also in the famous Sollog prophecies that you can view on line in Usenet with TIME STAMPS that prove Sollog warned of these major loss of life events striking the Devils Pentagram many years ago.

This book is not fiction, IT IS A REAL LIFE HORROR STORY that all of humanity is living inside THE DEVILS REAL MATRIX

Devils Pentagram

By Sollog

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Devils Pentagram
Devils Pentagram

Devils Pentagram Book Cover Devils Pentagram
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