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Love Crystals
Love Crystals

Eros Crystals Love Crystals

By Eros Adonis

Top Selling Author of Omgasms

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The world famous Master Psychic and Spiritual Sex Guru Eros Adonis the top selling Author of Omgasms is revealing to the world the ancient art of Love Crystals.

Learn how to use the proper crystals to grid your home and work so you have the power of crystal energy working for you all day.

When you start to use the Astral Energy Grid system developed and taught by Eros Adonis to thousands of females all over the world personally, you will feel the amazing astral energy that connects all lifeforms in our Universe to Astral Energy.

Eros Adonis explains in his Book EROS CRYSTALS LOVE CRYSTALS how to select the proper crystals, how to charge them and how to use them in powerful grids on your body and in your home as well as work place.

Learn how to balance your energy with Eros Crystals and also how to mediate using crystals.

Learn the secrets of Astral Energy as well as how to do Astral Traveling techniques.

Eros Adonis is a Master Psychic and he teaches you the art of Crystal Healing in this book.

Eros Crystals Love Crystals
Eros Adonis
sexuality, sex, spirituality, adult
Adoni Publishing
February 2015