Great Quakes



Great Quakes
Great Quakes

Great Quakes

Earthquake Prediction the New Science

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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PROOF Government Hiding 100% Increase in Large Quakes

Unusual Triple Quake Hits Triangle of Fire

Indonesia Quake and Tsunami Hits Triangle of Fire


Modern science says earthquakes cannot be predicted and yet for over 20 years Dr. Sol Adoni has been forecasting major earthquakes.

Since the Great Tsunami Quake of 2004 there have been 19 Great Quakes in the 8.0+ Magnitude range, all 19 of them have struck what Dr. Sol Adoni calls the Triangle of Fire. While science recognizes the so called Ring of Fire, the fact is GREAT QUAKES strike the TRIANGLE OF FIRE with almost 100% accuracy.

Since science started to use seismographs a little over 120 years ago, we know with great accuracy where such GREAT QUAKES strike, yet science refuses to recognize the TRIANGLE OF FIRE.

Here is a map from the USGS database of Great Quakes since 2004 when the Great 2004 Tsunami struck, all 19 of these rare 8.0+ quakes have struck the TRIANGLE OF FIRE. The fact is governments around the world have been HIDING the fact that such large quakes (7.5+ Magnitude) have increased almost 100% the past 20 years since 1998.

Here is a map showing how accurate the work of Dr. Sol Adoni is predicting where the largest earthquakes strike. Here is a link to the USGS database showing all 19 of these Great Quakes.


Great Quakes
Great Quakes


In Great Quakes Dr. Sol Adoni PROVES he can with 95% accuracy warn exactly where the next Great Quake over 8.5+ magnitude will occur, these are the types of SUPER QUAKES that rock the earth about every five years or so. However, since 1998 there was almost a 100% increase in large quakes 7.5+ all over the earth from the previous 20 year period. That is the information world governments is HIDING from everyone.



Many of the most populated cities in the world are located in the areas where such quakes strike OVER AND OVER.

Once you understand where the largest quakes will occur, will you stay in a SUPER QUAKE ZONE in a modern city that cannot withstand an 8.5+ range quake after you read this book?

Will you protest to your government and have them remove nuclear power plants built in these SUPER QUAKE ZONES?

The FUKUSHIMA Disaster from the Great Japan Quake of 2011 occurred on the Triangle of Fire as Dr. Adoni warned. He even had the date in his 2011 Great Quake and Tsunami warning.

The Great 2004 Tsunami was from a Great Quake on the Triangle of Fire and Dr. Adoni publicly warned it was about to hit days before the 2004 Great Quake hit.

Earthquake Prediction is now a REAL SCIENCE and it is based totally upon the work of Dr. Sol Adoni who has amazed people around the world with his past earthquake predictions that have had successful hits.

The new science of Dr. Adoni is called Elliptical Orbit Effect on Plate Tectonics (EOE Theory) and it shows where and why super quakes occur. It also reveals that life exists throughout the Universe due to EOE Theory and how elliptical orbits of planets produce live planetary cores that create volcanism and earthquakes around the Universe.

In what could easily become a NOBEL PRIZE WINNING THEORY in seismology, the esteemed academic Dr. Sol Adoni who is the Dean Emeritus of Universitius reveals how the physics of the Elliptical Orbit of Earth that manifests in our winter and summer solstices is the actual reason that plate tectonics occurs. Our elliptical orbit produces a live hot core and it manifests in plate tectonics that produces basic life forms.

Dr. Adoni’s work has actually predicted exact locations where super quakes have then occurred, so we have entered the age of accurate earthquake prediction thanks to Dr. Sol Adoni.

In the ground breaking book Great Quakes, Dr. Adoni reveals the exact locations where future super earthquakes will occur. This breakthrough book on seismology could save millions if not billions of lives. The reason is there now over 500 nuclear reactors on Earth and many are on these Great Quake lines.

Earthquake prediction could now become an exact science thanks to this work by Dr. Sol Adoni.

Academic Credentials of Dr. Adoni include

Dean Emeritus Universitius

Founder of HelixQ an AI Computer Project

Dr. Adoni theorized the Prime Algorithm and 8 Adoni Prime Spirals that are 30 Mod, 60 Mod and 90 Mod prime theory used the NSA to backdoor all modern encryption alogrithms.

Dr. Adoni theorized PDF (Planetary Distance Formula) a modified version of the first great law in physics known as Titius-Bodes Theory and it is used by NASA to locate planets outside our solar system.

Dr. Adoni also theorized Planeium which is the structure of dark matter and explains how it creates all atomic mass.

Dr. Adoni is the author of over 100 books and academic papers including

Holographic Universes

The Creator Formula



They say you cannot predict earthquakes, yet over the years Dr. Sol Adoni has been predicting large and great earthquakes with such accuracy that many government agencies are now following his earthquake warnings.

The fact is 95% of the Super Quakes (8.5+ magnitude) since 1900 have struck on the three lines that make up the Triangle of Fire in the Pacific Ocean or inside the triangle. 16 of 20 super quakes have hit one of the three lines and 3 more super quakes struck inside the lines of this Triangle of Fire. The only super quake to not hit this Triangle of Fire was the great Tibet quake of 1950.

Dr. Adoni explains his new earthquake theory in layman’s terms in the new book Great Quakes and you will be able to understand easily how the elliptical orbit of earth creates the active core of earth that produces the plate tectonics that leads to the largest Super Quakes that follow Solstice Lines that are from the Elliptical Orbit of Earth.

This breakthrough book literally explains the fuel of the Ring of Fire and all planetary plate tectonics.


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Great Quakes
Dr. Sol Adoni
Science, geophysics, physics, astrophysics, plate tectonics,
Adoni Publishing
March 2015