By D.E. Alexander

Award winning conspiracy and paranormal author D.E. Alexander takes on every major conspiracy since the JFK Assassination in this work on CONSPIRACY.

D.E. Alexander has also been the Chief Editor of 247 News for almost 2 Decades.

When you read about the details of the major conspiracy events and you start to plot each event on a map of North America, a major new conspiracy develops that connects all the greatest conspiracies since JFK including 911, TWA 800, HAARP and even UFOS to what is now known as THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

Can it be our headline tragedies that are all now starting to appear to many as ‘conspiracies’ somehow are really all connected to a bigger conspiracy?

Your world view will be shattered by this book that many are saying reveals the real MATIX we are all living inside of!

Welcome to the world of CONSPIRACY…


Greatest Conspiracies
D.E. Alexander
non fiction, conspiracy, true crime, coverup, paranormal,
Adoni Publishing