Holocenic Extinction



Holocenic Extinction
Holocenic Extinction


Holocenic Extinction

By Dr. Sol Adoni



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The latest eye opening book by Dr. Sol Adoni


The Holocene is the Human Age

The Holocenic Extinction is a real Extinction Event

That we are all living through

The Holocene started at the end of the last Ice Age

It saw the rise of the Human Era

In which Humans transformed Earth

The 6th Largest Extinction Period is what we live in

Extinction created by the Rise of the Human Age

Where Humans transformed and destroyed the Environment

Creating the 6th Largest Extinction Event in History


In this book Dr. Adoni explains the 6 Great Extinction Cycles

He shows how our position in the Milky Way right now

Aligns with the 2 Greatest Extinction Cycles in the Past


Dr. Adoni argues Nuclear Reactors

May wipe out all life on Earth in the near future


Can it be Humans destroy all life on earth…


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Holocenic Extinction
Dr. Sol Adoni
Non Fiction
Adoni Publishing
Fall 2019