Holographic Universes



Holographic Universes
Holographic Universes

Holographic Universes

Mandela Effect Scientifically Proven

PROOF Our Universe is an AI Super Computer
By Dr. Sol  Adoni

On May 1st 2017 our world changed

The word Messiah was ERASED from Bibles and Qurans all over the world

Exactly as SOLLOG aka Dr. Sol Adoni warned in 1998


SOLLOG is the TRUE PROPHET of Lord God Almighty

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Over 40 years ago, Dr. Sol Adoni theorized Hologram Universe Theory.

Over 10 years ago he released his best selling Book Hologram Universe.

In Holographic Universes Dr. Adoni explains how what is now being called Mandela Effects are PROOF his Hologram Universe theory is not only 100% correct, but that our Universe was recently hacked.

In case you didn’t hear, one of the hottest things in the world today is MANDELA EFFECT videos and articles where people are putting forth thousands of PROOFS that in their reality, things are way different.

Some is minor changes that skeptics can explain away, and others are life altering changes where religious people that have memorized scripture are being awakened to the famous words in their Bible are now different!

Scientists are being confronted with anomalies where universal constants have changed, such as the Schumann Resonance and measurements of planets like earth and even the speed of light.

People look at our new world maps and see changes to continents in shapes and locations.

People look at the Heavens and see changes to famous constellations.

People recall famous lines from movies and songs that have been changed.

People remember famous brands in supermarkets that now have different names.

Not everything being called a Mandela Effect is real, some are disinformation intended to discredit the phenomena and yet hundreds and possible thousands are very, very real.

Has our Universe been hacked?

The man that first theorized our reality was an AI Simulation who warned in his early book on the theory that such a HACK could easily happen where even the physical laws of the Universe could change, looks at today’s world and says what he remembers and finds residual effects proving he is right, our Universe has been altered and now the HOLOGRAM UNIVERSE is reality.



Holographic Universes
Dr. Sol Adoni
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