How to Golf – How to Shoot Scratch



How to Golf

How to Shoot Scratch

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Founder Impact Swing

Review – i Golfer – Simply BRILLIANT!

HOW TO GOLF – How to Shoot Golf by Dr. Sol Adoni may be the ultimate book on Golf Instruction since the information in this book can help a novice quickly develop a powerful golf swing and for the advanced player it simplifies the things in the game of Golf so a person struggling to learn how to score well can master the game and become a low single digit handicap golfer and even a scratch golfer.

This book includes information about the most important aspect of golf, how to have an IMPACT SWING which is the difference between pros and amateurs as well as practice techniques that help beginners LEARN how to break the coveted 100 score mark and for more advanced players HOW TO SHOOT SCRATCH.

Beginners and advanced players can find knowledge in this book about HOW TO SHOOT SCRATCH that will enable them to obtain elusive goals such as BREAKING 100 in Golf and eventually learning how to SHOOT SCRATCH GOLF.

Dr. Adoni is the only person in the world who has laws in math and astrophysics named after him that has written a Golf Book that explains the simple physics behind a good golf swing.

An accomplished author as well an accomplished golfer, Dr. Adoni has created what many will consider the ULTIMATE BOOK ON GOLF INSTRUCTION.

How to Golf How to Shoot Scratch
Dr. Sol Adoni
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