I Time Travel Book I



I Time Travel
I Time Travel


By Sollog

Amazon Banned this Book

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1 Book Review – 5 StarsAn amazing work of literary art

What a controversial book, upon its release this book originally titled Amazing Adventures of Sollog the Time Traveler was BANNED by Amazon. You can get the Banned Book Here.

Amazon also banned several books of the same author the same day dealing with his MATH from the FUTURE. Can it be Sollog is really a TIME TRAVELER?

This book is without over 350 Pages from the Original and it is now on Amazon as the I TIME TRAVEL Series Book 1, but the original books in the banned series are sold with all the information in them that was BANNED by Amazon at i TIME TRAVEL.

Original Review from 1 Book Review is below of Amazing Adventures of Sollog the Time Traveler. This book and series could become a major epoch in the history of literature and science.

Below Image is the ORIGINAL BANNED BOOK with everything Amazon BANNED.

Amazing Adventures of Sollog the Time Traveler
Amazing Adventures of
Sollog the Time Traveler

What an amazing work of LITERARY ART, Sollog has single-handedly created a whole new genre in literature. Is it fiction or is it reality?

Sollog has created a new series of books about well Sollog and his truly AMAZING ADVENTURES OF SOLLOG The Time Traveler.

Sollog is already world famous for well TIME TRAVELING only we call his work Prophecies and the Prophecies of Sollog have fans all over the world that swear he KNOWS THE FUTURE.

Well now Sollog has revealed his story about TIME TRAVEL and it is quite the tale, or is it his REALITY…