JESUS God? Satan? Or a HOAX?



JESUS God Satan Hoax
JESUS God Satan Hoax


God? Satan? Or a HOAX?

By Dr. Sol Adoni



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This book is a massive almost 1,000 pages of work by Dr. Sol Adoni in which he researches the historical origins of the Christian Church and Jesus looking for the real Jesus and what he finds will SHOCK YOU.


Dr. Adoni writes about the Black Mass and how there is a powerful sect within the Vatican that worships Jesus as Lucifer in SECRET and they have existed since the Church began!

Dr. Adoni is a biblical scholar that is trained to read and translate over a dozen ancient languages and Dr. Adoni explains as only a true scholar can explain where the Origin of the Jesus figure in the New Testament originated.



JESUS God? Satan? A Hoax? was written by Dr. Sol Adoni who is a religious scholar that has read and studied the original texts of every major religion on Earth in their original languages.

Dr. Adoni explores many FACTS about Jesus that make people scratch their heads and wonder why they believe the things they do about Jesus, even though most ideas about Jesus have no Biblical support to validate most modern beliefs about Jesus.

The fact is many academics have questioned for centuries if any such person even existed in history. How can that be when so many now believe he was real.

Did Jesus once say in the New Testament that was GOD? They answer is NO and that fact is hard for many to believe.

Over and over Jesus is questioned in the New Testament with, “Are you the Son of God?” Over and over Jesus evaded the question and never once just said, I AM!

Dr. Adoni also reveals a shocking secret about the Black Mass and how many powerful leaders of the Church have secretly worshipped Jesus as Lucifer or Satan for thousands of years.

If you have a closed mind and believe that the writings of ancient MEN that were compiled hundreds of years after any historical figure that may have been ‘Jesus’ lived is somehow an infallible work of GOD, then book is not for you.

If you wish to know the real origin of the books that make up the New Testament and what the early Christian authors of these books were trying to say, then you will enjoy a look at Jesus that will be hated and loved by many.

To many around the world Dr. Adoni is not only an amazing genius due to his academic work in a myriad of academic areas, he is also considered by many to be a modern day ‘Prophet’ due to his famous ‘Prophecies’.

So included in this book are the famous ‘Prophecies’ of Dr. Adoni written under his religious name of SOLLOG.

Believe what you will, but the Prophecies of SOLLOG are so accurate no one can debate if he has walked through time and seen the future. In this book Dr. Adoni walks through time to see the real genius of Jesus and he explains what he has seen and it is not what most now believe…

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