Lost History



Lost History
Lost History

Lost History

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Ancient Civilizations Lost in History

The Mystery of Ancient Pyramids and Megaliths

Gobekli Tepe – Dwarka – Bosnian Pyramids

Gornaya Shoria – Arkaim – Mount Lalakon

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History is NOT what you have been reading in modern history books. In LOST HISTORY Dr. Sol Adoni reveals the LOST HISTORY of Ancient Civilizations that prove our understanding of our own past is not what we are finding in amazing new archaeological finds such as the Bosnian Pyramid complex and sites such as Gobekli Tepe that paint a must richer history than our history books have recorded.

The Mystery of Ancient Pyramids and Megaliths are in this monumental work from Dr. Adoni that include information about new sites such as Gobekli Tepe, Dwarka, the Bosnian Pyramids, the megaliths of Gornaya Shoria as well as the ruins of Arkaim and the recently discovered Pyramids of Mount Lalakon.

This book will change the way humanity views our distant past as it reveals a rich archaeological record that is not in traditional history books.

Dr. Adoni is the Dean Emeritus of Universitius a think tank for post graduate students that explore new horizons in mathematics and computer science that are all using new theories given to humanity from the voluminous work of Dr. Adoni.