Mandela Effects Is the Mandela Effect Real?



Mandela Effects

Is the Mandela Effect Real?

Or PROOF of a Holographic Universe

By Dr. Sol Adoni aka SOLLOG

Author of Holographic Universes

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For a couple of years many people around the world have been noticing our memories of things like movies, songs and famous brand products DO NOT MATCH this reality.

The term thus far has been labeled MANDELA EFFECTS.

Dr. Sol Adoni first theorized Holograph Universe theory over 40 years ago in a think tank and since then he has formed many technology companies and also the AI Think Tank called HelixQ.

Dr. Sol Adoni presents many of the top Mandela Effects that will make you question your reality.

Then he delivers the blow that will destroy your reality when you find out on May 1st 2017 billions of books all over the world were absolutely altered showing our reality is totally fake and nothing but a Holographic Universe. On May 1st the word MESSIAH was absolutely ERASED from BILLIONS of religious texts around the world effecting every major religion.

The word MESSIAH no longer exists in most of the worlds most famous bibles and it used to be in them many hundreds of times.

IT WAS THE MAIN CONCEPT of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and it was simply ERASED.


Mandela Effects Is the Mandela Effect Real? Or PROOF of a Holographic Universe
Dr. Sol Adoni
Non Fiction
May 20th 2017


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