Messiah Erased Why God Erased the word Messiah from Bibles



Messiah Erased

Why God Erased the word Messiah from Bibles

Written by Rabbi SOLLOG


On May 1st 2017 our world changed

LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Erased the word Messiah

From Bibles and Qurans all over the world

Exactly as SOLLOG warned in 1998

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247 News100’s of Messiah Verses in Bibles ERASED

On May 1st 2017 the world changed FOREVER.

GOD erased one word in Bibles and Qur’an’s all around the world, a mighty word that had been in these books hundreds of times.

That word was MESSIAH.

Millions of Jews are in Israel waiting for a Messiah, the word was erased from every Old Testament in the world with one exception, King James where it is now in the Bible only twice in two verses calling Cyrus the King of Babylon God’s Messiah!

Billions of Christians await their Messiah, and yet the word doesn’t even exist in one verse in the King James New Testament and most bibles in the world.

Why would GOD erase the word Messiah from the Jewish Bibles (Tanakh), all Christian Bibles and the Qur’an?

Rabbi SOLLOG the founder of Temple of ‘Hayah was the only person on earth that warned the MESSIAH would be ERASED by GOD in what he called THE GREAT SHIFT.

SOLLOG warned of the GREAT SHIFT in 1998 in a famous SOLLOG Interview.

This amazing book touches on THE EVENT that changed history and he also adds his most famous works connected to the event.

Rabbi SOLLOG has written over 100 Books in his life and this book has 12 of the works included in one new great work that will become the most read story in the history of our planet.



SOLLOG is the modern day PROPHET that warned it would happen.

Messiah Erased
Adoni Publishing
May 8th 2017