The Natural Diet

The Secret of Dieting, Exercising and Long Term Weight Loss

The Secret to a Healthy Immune System

By Dr. Sol Adoni


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Fight Viruses like Corona Virus

By having lots of ZINC in your Natural Diet

Zinc increases Alpha Interferon Production Ten Fold

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Dr. Sol Adoni is considered a genius by many due to his discoveries in Astro-physics and mathematics.

Dr. Sol Adoni explains the nuts and bolts of nutrition in this short book on the NATURAL DIET. While many ‘diets’ starve you, the NATURAL DIET allows you to eat many meals and jump start your metabolism NATURALLY by eating NATURAL FOODS.

Dr. Sol Adoni is an advocate of walking and drinking water. So if you want to EAT REAL FOOD and LOSE WEIGHT, this the diet book that can change your life.

Dr. Sol Adoni is a man in his middle fifties that looks decades younger. He attributes his youthful energy and looks to the NATURAL DIET.

STOP STARVING YOURSELF, learn what is the NATURAL DIET meant for humans and start to lose weight in a healthy way without starving yourself.

The NATURAL DIET will help you lose weight and more importantly it will help you maintain your weight loss.



 247 NewsDr. Sol Adoni is in his mid-fifties. Yet he looks decades younger. He says it is his NATURAL DIET™. Dr. Sol Adoni gives sound advice on how you can eat a lot of food and LOSE WEIGHT. If you read this book and apply the knowledge of Dr. Sol Adoni, you will lose weight and more importantly maintain the weight loss you get by following Dr. Sol Adoni’s advice.
Top 100 eBooksWith a plethora of honorary degrees to his name, Dr. Sol Adoni explains the simple physics of weight loss and a proper NATURAL DIET™. Instead of a starvation diet, the NATURAL DIET™ is a eat NATURAL FOOD diet, what if followed will help anyone shed lots of weight quickly.
1 Book ReviewDr. Sol Adoni presents his NATURAL DIET™ in this informative book on diet and weight loss.  Dr. Sol Adoni explains the nuts and bolts of caloric intake and how to lose weight. If you follow Dr. Sol Adoni’s advice in this book, you will lose weight and keep it off.
The Natural Diet
Dr. Sol Adoni
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