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Out Of Place Artifacts

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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A major work from Dr. Sol Adoni author of over 100 Books

Dr. Sol Adoni the great genius who has authored over 100 Books and has new laws of math and physics named after him takes an academic look at the OOPA Phenomena.

All around the world OOPA’s have been found. They are OUT OF PLACE ARTIFACTS.

Modern science and history ignores OOPA’s since they upset modern academic dogma. Yet there are many OOPAS that prove our current understanding of history is incomplete.

OOPAS can be tiny almost microscopic such as the nano type technology artifacts found deep in Russian soil that are from hundreds of thousands if not millions of years ago, to animals thought to have long ago to have become extinct that suddenly show up, to items that are found in an ancient site that shouldn’t be there since it was from the other side of the world.

OOPAS can also be art or images created by humans that can show modern items such as helicopters and aircraft and even possible modern UFO flying saucers in ancient sites such as those found in Abydos Egypt.

An OOPA can even be an entire civilization that suddenly appears out of nowhere and rewrites our whole theory of history, such as the large archaeological site found in Gobekli Tepe. Before Gobekli Tepe was unearthed in the 1990’s, it was thought the dawn of human civilization was Sumeria about 5,000 years ago. The ruins of Gobekli Tepe show an unknown civilization was on earth 12,000 years ago building amazing megalithic sites and most probably had a very organized agricultural based civilization and even an advanced form of religion.

While some individuals ‘fake’ OOPAS, since such artifacts can be sold for large amounts of money to collectors and museums, some famous OOPAS of the past have been found to be fake. But there are still many OOPAS around the world that contradict what is written in our history books as well as science books.

It’s a fact a working wind powered and steam powered device was invented by Heron of Alexandria 2,000 years ago and it’s a fact that an electrical battery device was used in ancient times. It is also believed that a type of large light bulb was used inside ancient tombs in Egypt as images on their tombs show clearly. Yet modern science books say these scientific ideas came much later in the evolution of mankind.

Basically, anything that can make a scientist or historian say OOPS is an OOPA.

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OOPAS Out Of Place Artifacts
Dr. Sol Adoni
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