Prophecies of Sollog


SOLLOG the Greatest Prophet in History

Predicted Plague of 2020 in 1995

Predicted 911 

Predicted Fukushima

Great Tsunami of 2004

Deaths of Princess Diana & JFK Jr

His Prophecies are world famous


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He Speaks

The Ground Shakes

Mountains Move


Mountains have literally Moved

Where and when Sollog Warned


Sollog Proved GOD in 1995


Sollog Formed the Fastest Growing Religion

In History in 1995


Greatest Prophet in History

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SOLLOG was validated as the GREATEST PROPHET IN HISTORY on May 1st 2017 when the word Messiah was ERASED from billions of Bibles and Qurans all over the world and SOLLOG was the only PROPHET warning that this event would occur!

The word Messiah was in many hundreds of bible verses in most bible versions and it is now either totally erased in some major versions or it appears a couple of times only in verses radically changing the meaning of the word.

SOLLOG was the only PROPHET saying this would happen and it did!

Every major hurricane in the USA has struck cities SOLLOG names in his famous prophecies including hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, Irma, Wilma and Matthew.

Quakes all over the world have struck exact areas SOLLOG warned of in his prophecies.

School shootings and other mass death events including terrorism have struck where SOLLOG WARNED.

If you enjoy Nostradamus, you will love the PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG.

All the famous PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG are now in one resource.


Now you can see the historic SOLLOG PROPHECIES that validated SOLLOG as the GREATEST PROPHET IN HISTORY.

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Complete Prophecies of Sollog
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