Pyramids Megaliths



Pyramids Megaliths
Pyramids Megaliths

Pyramids – Megaliths

The Ancient Energy Grid

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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1 Book Review – 5 Stars – The Book that rewrites Ancient History!

Nostradamus called him The Great Genius and Dr. Sol Adoni is truly that.

His work in many fields has earned him a wall full of honorary doctorates in:





Computer Science


Ancient Languages

In Pyramids – Megaliths The Ancient Energy Grid a new groundbreaking theory is put forth to explain why our ancient ancestors built such amazing Pyramids and Megalithic structures usually on the two Global Solstice Lines that Dr. Adoni explains in this truly groundbreaking academic work on not only Pyramids and Megaliths but the ancient Solstice Line Energy Grid.

Dr. Adoni puts forth his EOE Theory in the book as well as explaining his Solstice Lines Theory that reveals our most distant ancestors were experts at manipulating the Solstice Line energy of the earth.

This book is AMAZING truly AMAZING.


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