Real Paranormal Volume I



Real Paranormal
Real Paranormal

Real Paranormal Volume I

By Dr. Sol Adoni


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Real Paranormal Book 1 was written by Dr. Sol Adoni the author of over 100 Books and Academic Papers of which many are related to paranormal themes as well as Lost Ancient Civilizations.

Dr. Adoni founded Adoni Publishing and Adoni Films over 20 years ago and both are leading companies in the area of Paranormal publishing of books, websites and films.

Dr. Adoni is Dean Emeritus of Universitius an International Think Tank that actually has a paranormal study division.

The top material on many Paranormal Topics from the 20 year archive of Adoni Publishing is featured in this book and this material will open your eyes to just how much of our history and present is connected to paranormal items and events.


For over 20 years Dr. Sol Adoni has oversaw the production of some of the top Paranormal sites in the world and his companies have published many books on Paranormal topics and made several films.

Now Dr. Adoni has taken the best of his companies work and created REAL PARANORMAL Book 1 for fans of the Paranormal.

Dr. Adoni is easily the most honored academic to ever write about the Paranormal since he has laws of math and physics named after him and has a wall full of honorary doctorates for his work and theories in:

Computer Science
Ancient History

Dr. Adoni is the Dean Emeritus of Universitius an international post graduate university that actual has a division that deals with paranormal topics including ESP and UFOs.

Over the decades Dr. Adoni has built up a worldwide fan base for his own work in regards to making predictions about the future. His prophetic writings are so accurate his fans and the media often refer to him as the Modern Day Nostradamus.

Whatever you interests are in the world of the Paranormal, Dr. Adoni has written about the topic. Dr. Adoni has written or published books on

Grey Aliens
Solstice Lines
OOPAS Out of Place Artifacts
Lost Ancient Civilizations

If you are a fan of the Paranormal you will enjoy REAL PARANORMAL Book 1

Real Paranormal Volume I
Real Paranormal
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