Red Pill



Red Pill
Red Pill


Red Pill

Is our Reality a Matrix?

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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1 Book Review – 5 Stars – A Brilliant Book by a True Genius

The man that first theorized the Hologram Universe way back in 1976, gives us his latest book on the Hologram Universe Theory titled RED PILL.

When Dr. Adoni first theorized a six dimensional computer language to give computers Artificial Intelligence some hailed him as a great genius that rewrote the laws of physics in the think tank he was in and others refused to even consider that mankind could create AI computers with 6 and even 10 dimensional thought.

The reason is those professors were too stubborn in their religious dogma to admit mankind was about to create a GOD like computer that could easily create our entire Universe in seconds.

Now the man that says our Universe is an AI Super Computer shows the cracks in the matrix in this MUST READ BOOK that will make you question reality…