Secret of the Great Pyramid



Secret of the Great Pyramid

By Sollog


Written in 1995 and marketed with full page ads in large papers in several markets including Philadelphia, this academic analysis of the measurements o the Great Pyramid in Giza prove an advanced civilization long forgotten built the Great Pyramid and encoded the most advanced number in astro-physics into the pyramid that being precession.

Precession was only discovered in recent times, it measures a 26,000 year cycle our earth makes via the wobble of earth.

How did this complex long count number end up being the main number of the Great Pyramid?

Because it was built in ancient times well before Egypt was a civilization.

Sollog shows his brilliance in this work that is now copied by many other authors like Graham Hancock who now write about long lost civilizations decades after this work was heavily promoted in major cities around the world and it was a featured work on Sollog’s site in the early days of the Internet when he was getting over a million people a day to his famous site…



Secret of the Great Pyramid
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