The 911 Warning



911 WarningThe 911 Warning

Proof the US Government Knew

By D.E. Alexander

Award Winning Investigative Journalist & Author

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Absolute PROOF the US Government KNEW of 911 BEFORE it happened.

Conspiracy journalist D.E. Alexander uses media OUTSIDE the USA to PROVE this is historic fact.

For months after 911, a warning with exact details was discussed all over the internet and even in MAINSTREAM FOREIGN PRESS.

Timestamped archives of Google and Usenet are used to PROVE the WARNING WAS REAL.

The person that issued the warning has a long history of involvement with the US Government and has numerous lawsuits due to harassment by the US Government since he publicly warned of The Oklahoma City bombing.

So if you want to see PROOF the US GOVERNMENT KNEW of 911 way before it occurred, THIS IS THE SMOKING GUN.

Sollog is literally an INTERNET LEGEND due to 911 and his exact details of the event BEFORE IT OCCURRED.

If you like conspiracies, coverups, paranormal, Nostradamus or Biblical PROPHECY this book by investigative journalist D.E. Alexander will send CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE.


1 Under Ground – “D.E. Alexander is not a novice when it comes to writing on conspiracies. His work on the famous 911 Warnings of Sollog will make you realize, a clear WARNING was given to the US Government and it was ignored. The plethora of warnings made by Sollog before 911, and how accurate he was, makes one realize that many lives could have been saved had the US Government listened.”


247 News Net –Another great work of investigative journalism by D. E. Alexander.”

1 eBooks – “The biggest story in the 911 Tragedy completely hidden by the US Media. Yet it was reported by some global media. PROOF the US Media is 100% controlled by the US Government.”

The 911 Warning
D.E. Alexander
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