The Creator Formula



The Creator Formula
The Creator Formula

The Creator Formula

The Mathematical PROOF of God


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SOLLOG stunned the world of Academia and Theologians with this break through book in 1995.

As an expert on every major religion on earth, SOLLOG tied the golden threads of every major religions creation myths to the  CREATOR FORMULA to show every religious path was tied to a simple scientific formula for the perfect circumference of the earth.

It is the mathematical PROOF OF GOD!

Since then SOLLOG has amazed the world with his PROPHECIES where he has correctly warned of every major tragedy on earth for over 20 years.

This book will change your life and your beliefs, since it proves every religion came from the same intelligent source that CREATED EARTH.

SOLLOG has revealed not only details of the future but many great new theories in math, physics, astrophysics and computer science.

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