Triangle of Fire



Triangle of Fire
Triangle of Fire

Triangle of Fire

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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Major Academic Work by Dr. Adoni explaining his EOE Theory

It is being used to forecast Large Earthquakes

You heard of the Ring of Fire, well the Fuel of the Ring of Fire is the Triangle of Fire or Solstice Triangle that fuel Plate Tectonics around the world.

In what could easily become a NOBEL PRIZE WINNING THEORY in seismology, the esteemed academic Dr. Sol Adoni the Dean Emeritus of Universitius reveals how the physics of the Elliptical Orbit of Earth that manifests in our winter and summer solstices is the actual reason that plate tectonics occurs.

Dr. Adoni’s work has actually predicted exact locations where super quakes have then occurred, so we have entered the age of accurate earthquake prediction thanks to Dr. Sol Adoni.

In this ground breaking book, Dr. Adoni reveals the exact locations where future super earthquakes will occur. This break through book on seismology could save millions of lives. Earthquake prediction could now become an exact science thanks to this work by Dr. Sol Adoni.

Academic Credentials of Dr. Adoni include

Dean Emeritus Universitius

Founder of HelixQ an AI Computer Language

Theorized the Prime Algorithm and 8 Adoni Prime Spirals that are 30 Mod, 60 Mod and 90 Mod prime theory.

Theorized PDF (Planetary Distance Formula)

Theorized Planeium which is the structure of dark matter and explains how it creates all atomic mass

Author of over 100 books and academic papers including

Hologram Universe

Ennisa Formula

The Creator Formula

Triangle of Fire
Dr. Sol Adoni
Science, geophysics, physics, astrophysics, plate tectonics,
Adoni Publishing
March 2015