Solstice Lines connect Giza Pyramids Bosnian Pyramids Mount Lalakon Pyramid

Solstice Lines the new book by Dr. Sol Adoni

Over 30 Ancient Sites are connected by just two major SOLSTICE LINES discovered by Dr. Sol Adoni.

Solstice Lines connect Ancient Pyramids
Giza Pyramids
Great Pyramid
Bosnian Pyramids
Mount Lalakon Pyramid

These pyramids are part of the Solstice Lines that connect many ancient sites including

Easter Island
Dogon Tribe
Air Mountan Rock Art
City of Rey
Gornaya Shoria Megaliths

Newgrange Ireland
Bosnian Pyramids
Gobekli Tepe
Mohenjo Daro
Dwarka Bay of Cambay India
Mount Lalakon Pyramid
Kimberley Rock Art Australia

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