The Last Essays of Elia (FULL Audiobook)

The Last Essays of Elia – audiobook
Charles LAMB (1775 – 1834)
Discursive ramblings of a generous mind, no-one would know from Lamb’s conversational button-holing of you and telling you whatever is on his mind that his sister had killed their mother and he had spent his life looking after her; had collaborated with her, in fact, on their Tales From Shakespeare. This world was made by God, he once remarked, but He has left it for humanity to bustle about in. These are Lamb’s reflections on said bustlings. He once said of his close friend Coleridge that the man was hungry for eternity; but Lamb was hungry for humanity. He satisfies this hunger admirably in these Last Essays. – Summary by Tony Addison
Genre(s): Essays & Short Works
Language: English (FULL Audiobook)