The New Munsell Student Color Set, Fifth Edition from Fairchild Books

Fairchild Books presents the new edition of THE NEW MUNSELL STUDENT COLOR SET.

Adaptable to both studio and lecture courses and appropriate for all student levels from beginner to advanced, THE NEW MUNSELL STUDENT COLOR SET, FIFTH EDITION is a complete learning package that offers opportunities for experimenting with color effects using paint, paper, and computers. A full-color interactive and experimental guidebook for understanding color in all its dimensions, it includes 11 Munsell color charts, 15 interactive charts, 12 packets of color chips, and a textbook, all designed to facilitate hands-on learning of color’s aspects and effects. The text provides a complete study of color use and color science, including extended discussion of visual perception, optical effects, and practical application of color phenomena in fine and applied art practices.

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