The Tuath: Grifinthu

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By Sianna Brown


Grifinthu is Book 1 of The Tuath fantasy series.
Deep below Blackhawk Ridge in north-central Wisconsin, the tuath awaits the coming of Grifinthu, the foxy-haired, with a mixture of dread and anticipation.
Nearly three millennia ago, the boy druid Moragead, placed a geis, a spell, on his Queen and tuath to avenge his father’s death. His geis portends a time when a woman who looks like the Queen will betray her and the tuath, thus ending their world.

The tuath’s only hope: A faithful druid was able to cast his geis among Moragead’s terrible oath before he was killed. It is the tuath’s fervent hope that Grifinthu will deliver them from Moragead’s powerful geis, not destroy them.

An older and much angrier Moragead waits, too. The time of the geis is very near, and he hopes the woman of his geis will release him from his exile at the outer reaches of Cera, and destroy the tuath that was responsible for his father’s death and his imprisonment.

Red-haired Lauren McCrossen, now an adult, has left her childhood home of Blackhawk Ridge, unaware of her other family and the world deep beneath her feet. Nancy, her mother, also the tuath’s Mother, has kept this otherworld secret, fearing that her husband’s greed might destroy the bond between the two worlds that has existed for centuries.

The tenuous bond is broken when three tuath members intervene to save Nancy’s life. Their intercession breaks the covenant between the human world and the tuath world and activates the ancient geis of Moragead.

When Lauren learns of the tuath, she immediately forsakes it; she believes it is responsible for what has happened to her father, and then her mother.

But will her rash actions sentence the tuath to an eternity of darkness that cannot be undone?

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grifinthuDownload from Amazon

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